You Wanted To Know


Are you alright?
Are you ok, without me...
your gentle eyes
probe my soul,
questions asked, looking for
reassurance pain to see.

Your tenderness
touches me,
requires an answer...
one I cannot give,

My life is fun, my life
is full....but I know
you could make it...oh
so much more.
I do not cry for you,
though I used too.

I still yearn for your arms
warm, like they were,
I can't dream of another,
no matter...
how hard I try.

Time is my companion now,
it dulls the contrast
of life with you…
and without you,
fading you from my view.

But, I'll get by,
and someday...
I'll be able to say to you,
"Are you ok?

I hope you have found
a special one who
fills my space again...
look into my eyes, for
I can still see the pain,
and I know someday...
that you will get by too.?



Kay Ekwall ©1998




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