What Dreams May Come


I'll meet you on a
mountain top,
Cool breezes blowing
in the spring.
You'll be my knight
in shining armor,
I'll be your
favorite dream.

Shimmering rainbows
in our hearts
connect your love
to mine,
Sweet honey kisses
from our mouths
far sweeter
than fine wine.

Purple visions of
flowery clouds
drown us in
tantalizing scenes,
Time will melt
you in my arms,
healing the
broken dreams.

Flimsy whispers
of a cloud,
carry promises
floating by....
Twin souls who'll
meet again,
our desires
flying in the sky.

So carry me there
within your heart
till time turns the bend,
the love we shared
step by step..
will take us
to that end.


Kay Ekwall ©1998




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