We Weren't Supposed To


It was supposed to be a great joy
to have you in my life,
and you, for me in yours.
We were meant to meet in the moment
to touch souls, to learn to trust
for our healing...
not for.....forever.
 The master weaver took a thread
one from your blanket
      and one from mine
and wove each into our
 tapestries, intermingling
our patterns...shifting.
I heard your voice calling my name
     and I answered, kindred spirits
    you said...and I agreed.
We laughed, we played,
we opened our hearts a little
     and then even more...our spirits
       danced to our special songs together.

And then the time came for us to part
 we felt the separation....
 and the loss...and missed the joy
and knew this time was past...
         our pattern completed.

But we weren't supposed to fall in love,

or were we?....
  And were we supposed to cry?

Kay Ekwall© 2000




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