Was that you?



Was that you
my mind whispered?
hiding in the shadows
of my life.

Waiting, waiting
for the right moment
to come.

Was that your voice
I heard? So faint,
softly calling in my dreams,
I’m here, don’t despair.

Was that our song
I sang in my dreams?
Trying to find the ‘who’
that turned out to be ‘you’.

Don’t give up on me…..
I’m coming for you.

Was that your energy I felt,
brushing my lips tenderly,

holding me so safe,
until I cried.

Was that ‘our dream’
passing the time and
keeping  me satisfied?

It seemed it was true and
that it was ‘you’….

Now clearly…. it’s ‘my’ song,
and is still to be sung.



Kay Ekwall ©1999




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