Venus in Retrograde


          Hark!....Is that my planet
calling to me?

Is that my Venus?

....and who is he,
in my chart?

Who is that
in my history?......My future?

     What part of life is calling to me?
Is this a memory of another,
or one waiting to be lived.

The essence of him permeates
my being....surrounding me,
caressing me, until I have not
the power to resist his charms.

   Oh planet Venus, I await your
revelations, the indeterminate
chances which brings him to me.

The reverberating pristine purity
of your presence quite tempts me into
acquiescence and inordinate
filling of my senses at the sound of his
voice, the scent of his skin,
into an extraordinary joy of my
own making.

      Morbidity makes of me a mania
for explanations and fulfillment
unfulfilled, un-heard of, impulsive
in its’ ecstasy.

An inapprehensible feeling of danger
escapes my impulses, desiring
only completion.

My fantasy of engagement is now
quite dulcet, chastening my ardor,

becoming as a lamb led by vain
aspirations for everlasting
exaltation....and love



Kay Ekwall ©




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