To My Cyberfriend


I confess your words do tempt me,
touching the edges of my heart...
the tenderness I want to see,
those urls are just the place to start.

With feelings of separation though,
reading your words of caring,
your XXX's and your OOO's..
I deafen my eyes and ears,
for the real me, you do not know.

And then I run away from you,
yes, I want to hide, these feelings
that I think I could have
I keep pushing down inside.
I know, in my heart, I am but a fantasy
a figment of your imagination
and the same is what you are to me,
reality on vacation.

You say you want to see my face
not just this cold, cold screen,
that it will never take my place
it's not all that it seems.

But, then I run away and hide,
like grandma's vase that's been broken,
pieced together with gum and tape,
from tender words that were spoken.

You tell me that you are different
I can put my faith in you,
how many times have I head that...
from others out there too?

So I run away and hide
these games I cannot play,
you send the sweetest urls,
but words are so easy to say.

Your are but a cold glass screen,
words written, but no soul,
I can't look into your eyes,
can't see what makes you whole.

You say you want to hold me
and I think that might be true,
but how can I believe this box,
sitting here, instead of you.

I am sending you this message
hoping to explain
why I always change my mind
and run from you again.

Please don't take it personally,
this online game is fresh today.
Cyber dating is brand new for us,
and I fear it's here to stay.

Let us take one step then…
trusting just for now
that this poem I wrote for you
shows my depths somehow.

Some cyber smiles :-), I send to you
to brighten up your day...
XXX's and then some OOO's,
making cyberhay!



Kay Ekwall ©1998




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