This Empty House


This empty house doesn’t ring,
our laughter is no more.
Loving that made our hearts sing,
gone, since you walked out the door.

Bitter wind whistles through the window pane,
shears through my heart,
chills the blood in my veins.

We share the same name,
but we’re strangers in this house,
playing the blame game.

When did you last touched me?
How good it used to be,
we were lovers then,
but now I’m longing to be free.

Were we just dreaming?
How could such a love die,
when our eyes locked
with deep and tender sighs.

Now our eyes are empty like our words,
which betray our thoughts
and stab each like a sword.

  How we long to once again,
share the same love,
feeling the ecstasy
but we’re strangers in this house,
when did our sweet love die?

This house is empty now,
like the words falling from our mouths.
Empty eyes, empty sighs
where did our love go wrong?

Kay Ekwall©2013




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