There's Something About



There's something so.......special
so wonderful about being
with a new lover.

Somehow the world becomes
a magical place once again,
a place of warmth, of
sunshine, from inside.

There's something about a new face,
a new place in your heart
made for only them,
And.....the memories you will create

It seems in that moment, all the old
painful spots from old loves
are healed....and distant
and, never were, and that
feels so........freeing.

There's something about loving....
and being loved that makes us
smile at strange times....
at strangers....
who smile back.

It seems to be the most desirable
of emotions for everyone
everywhere, for
all the world loves a lover, and
we all want to be in love.

No matter what pain may follow.

There's something about.........


Kay Ekwall ©




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