The Moon Speaks of Love


And why do you worship me so,
             my darlings. I am but a silvery globe
                the sky.

Why doest the vision of me cast a glow
             that makes your hearts flutter so.

Do you not know that love comes from
            within your own breasts?

You need not be inspired from my visage
            for words in songs, poems...of love.

My sweet friends, I shine from my
           heavenly perch, and cast light to the
earth....and I also cast my shadows
                       which hides your own darkness.

I feel your thoughts winging ...
      through the night. Thoughts of sweetness,
              of desire.  They float on the wind,
      and touch everyone...
                           as light as a whisper.

Would'st there be only a time, we could talk
       you and I, what you tell me?

Could you share the emotions of love
            with this cold orb, so that I might
feel Venusians energies spreading the germ
             of life through my being which you
                       so take for granted.

And I, could show you the view of the
             heavens, the beauty of your sweet earth
the azure blue of the water, viridian of the
             green, growing plants.......white
       fluffy clouds, playing hide and seek with
                        you .....and me.

I would tell you of the love your God
               had for you to create this garden,
the grand design planned for your lives,
      a dream, cast upon the soil, to germinate and 
                             come to fruition.

Could you tell me....what you are thinking
             as you gaze up into the skies, what
yearnings touch your hearts, what do you
                  long to each other, to me?

We are a part of each other, you and me.
              I would tell you......beloved ones,
not to take each other, your earth, anything
             for granted...spread your love, as I
spread my light....for your love is so much
                        more...and I can only reflect it....
Show your light to all who can see...
            and the earth will change so beautifully.

Kay Ekwall©1999







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