The Adoration




Blameless, selfless love..
hidden .... in crystal
chambers of our hearts,
reaching out, unfolding..
spewing light into..
the darkness.

Incredible journeys
take us within,
even when we
don't want to go.....
to see the danger
in hiding from ourselves.

Misgotten the love,
garnered from lust,
from greed, from fear,
from adoration.

We seek others to adore us,
so we can adore ourselves,
........but fail.....
incessantly over and over.

Wherein we truly know
only by releasing the power
of unconditional love to all-
can we truly encompass
and empower the
parts of our inner selves,
which know.

Upon reaching that plateau
  of understanding, then,
we can truly draw to us
     the perfect mate,
the divine complement.

 The one who is not under us,
not above us, but equal....
bonded in spirit which transcends
all boundaries and expectations
and the true adoration
is complete.




Kay Ekwall ©





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