Sometimes I slip,
My bravado falls away,
The mask I put on for the world,
falls into pieces.

I am tempted to deny the tears,
to pretend I don’t feel,
but I do.
Then the rains start,
tumbling down my cheeks
onto the stair,
into the hallway,
over the rail
and inside my hair.
It tastes salty,
etching memories
on my face,

I thought I knew you,
I thought you knew me.
How blind we are,
When we want so much
to believe.
The temptation is there,
It follows where ever we go,
to lie,
to hide,
To pretend we don’t hurt
So deeply inside.

Do I laugh now?
Do I cry?
Or, is it now time…..
Time, for me to fly.


Kay Ekwall©






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