Step by step


Step by step
Takes you to where you’re going..
Where that’s at, nobody knows,
But you are surely are
Going somewhere,
…sometime, somehow.

Somehow that old ‘life’
Takes you by the hand,
Leads you down that somewhere path,
Till you’re floating down the river
Of nowhere, but still ending up somewhere,
Step by step.

Sometimes the roads are rocky and hard,
Other times smooth and easy,
Life seems so breezy
On the way ‘there’ until the tide gets turned
Round and you find you’re going nowhere.

Somewhere is when you are looking back,
At the ‘over there’

Step by step I move closer to you,
Then I back away
Knowing there will be
Another day.

Each step I take away from you
Seems like a hundred miles,
With dragging heavy feet,
the slower I walk

The sound of your footsteps
echo through my mind
reminding me of you,
when we walked together
through my memories.

Kay Ekwall©2013




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