Sacred Places



As light as the softest whisper
Evening stars spill
Their light into
The Darkness.
Your name echos down
The corridor of time,
pulling me into
the magic
of this moment.
I remember places of
Ageless beauty,
and everlasting play,
of loving and giving.
Shadowed hills, gentle breezes
the tantalizing
Scent of Jasmine....
sounds of your voice..
catch me unaware.
Through the black hole of time
our lives have intertwined,
crossing and weaving,
creating a pattern of love,
of understanding.
When we are apart, chaos
and confusion dominate
our being.
We are the gypsies
of the universe, solitude is
our only companion.
Yet I see reflections
of an innocent age,
when loving was new.
As the lazy autumn moon
weaves its way
across the sky,
I wait for you till spirit
once again brings us home.



Kay Ekwall ©





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