Romantic Illusions




In the truth of existence
We dream endlessly
Of another.....This other
Would be that half
we are looking for. For in
Our delusion...we feel
We are incomplete.
So we draw to us one
After the other, not
Finding that half,
Always disappointed.
Would it not be better
To go inside, to work
On that part of
Ourselves, finding
Our own peace......
My question is, if we
Don't find it, are we
Always to be alone,
Or embroiled in
Endless relationships,
Trying to find ourselves?
Romantic illusions
Tell us that there is
One special person
Out there just for us,
Who can fix all our hurts...
Does it even exist?
My sadness is..
That it may not,
My gladness is that
We may find ourselves
Either way..

...That is my hope...


Kay Ekwall©





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