My Truest Love




My truest love hath not form or face
but He can be seen in every place.
His love that comes to me so dear
comes with grace, living here.

His voice that upon my ears that falls
is natures sounds found in all.
His touch, so tender, is in a breeze
tugging at my face and hair, to tease.

His gifts to me are beyond human endeavor
in flowers, in rainbows,  promising forever.
My love hears everything I want to say
and gladdens my heart to start each day.

With thoughts of comfort, wiping away tears
He sends the gift of forgetfulness, of the years.

My truest love would never leave
so there is no reason for me to grieve.

If it is guidance that I need,
it is in the quiet, if his voice I heed.
Judgments, He hath not knowlege of,
knowing, I sometimes block his love.

Although his form is hidden from view
I see his likeness coming through..
wonders and miracles form every side
a land of enchantment, not need to hide.

My truest love will never fail
to hear my voice through the veil...
Asking guidance, for protection
sending for me, what's in perfection.
My truest love's so precious....and I know why
A Father's love to his child will never die.



Kay Ekwall ©






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