Is This Love?


     Is love that lasts for a lifetime
                better or worse than...
     Love that lasts for a minute?

     For in that minute, that special
               moment....two souls can connect
     Is it love when two hearts collide,
              but circumstances parlayed by destiny
                   keep them apart, wondering.
     Is it love and illusion...always only in the mind,
             each playing roles, having needs
                   which they try to play out for the other?

     Is passion the true test of love?......And,
             when that is gone...what is the test..
                   That continues the trust.

     Is it commitment then,
             the working on relationships, caring
                   with tenderness of wants, needs?

     Is true love determined by unearthly boundaries
             karmic ties, pulling one to the other
                   only for lessons, finishing old debts?

      Is it in the act of communication,
             and act of sharing in love,
                   an action requiring communication

                        towards expanding that love?

Is it love....when your thoughts are
            continually taken up by the other
                  ....and nothing will satisfy that longing.

      And when the newness wears off....
            What then is love?

      Is there such thing as true love, for...
             if there is, then there would also
                    have to be false love....and
      who, or what determines the difference?

       And, is there any love imagined
             or real.....that is more magical
                   more wonderful than the other?
               I this love?


Kay Ekwall ©1999




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