In the Quiet



In the quiet, shadowy
places of my heart..
silently waiting,
for a sign
a kiss,
tender caresses,
for our love...
to unfold,
like a flower..
lifting to the light.
My heart quit beating
when I met you.
My life lay suspended..
frozen like icycles.
Wind swept beaches
covered my agony,
waiting for your return...
casting doubt and fear,
into a life most sane.
Visions of a future
haunt me, tease me into
The pearly fingers of your love..
touch my heart, stroking,
playing magical songs
into the velvety nights.
Our faith has made us whole,
our two halves
come into heavenly synchronicity
once again. You take my
hand and press it to your lips,
and the heavens
sing all around us...


Kay Ekwall ©




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