In My Dreams



Was that my dreams last night?
            Was I mistaken........or was it
simply a trick of the moonlight.

It may have been a shadow,
            but how could that be so…
for if it were, wouldn't I
            be the first to know?

Do shadows tenderly touch you,
            love's passions building to a peak
two souls mingling with each breath
            that connection each would seek.

Was that just a vague memory.....I heard
            you call my name,
I felt your touch, your warm embrace
   seemed somehow just the same.

Was that a gleam of silvery light, that
            your eyes gazed on mine
wistfully, longingly.........wanting more
            than just this time.

My heartbeat seemed to betray me....or
            could this be the test,
the warmth spreading through myself
            yearning in my breasts.

I cradled to me all my thoughts,
            and my fantasies
wished away the night again
            that you were here with me.

Was that my dreams last night?
            or was it just.......a trick of the moonlight.


Kay Ekwall ©





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