I Will Have A Day


I will have a day........
dressed in all its' finery,
gossamer gowns flowing
dancing......on the wind.

I will have a dream......
in its' entirety......wholely
encompassing my life

I will be a wingmaker......
floating through time
traveling with you

I will be your only lover,
remembering from the last time
our love, not adieu....but
ever new.

I will be the balm
to soothe your injured spirit
you the salve
to heal away my pain.

I will listen as my inner senses
guide me.......and angels take
us by our hands,

I will be a wingmaker
in my spirit, dancing
forevermore with you
in abandon.

I will have a day of love
and a heart full of laughter
as we joins souls eternally
once more.

I will have my dream of joy ever after,
perish the thought of
again losing you..
this time.

I will have a day of completion
and you will have your dream of me
finally come true.



Kay Ekwall ©





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