How Could I?



       How could I have let you
               crawl inside my skin..
        How cold I have given you my heart..
               my soul..
        How could I have thought I'd live
              without you...
        How could I,
              how could I,
                      how could I?
        How can I through sleepless nights
               How can I dare to dream again..
        How can I want anyone else but you?
               How can I,
                      How can I,
                              How can I?
       Is there some trick to these memories
                a way to keep away the pain,
                      is there a place to hide you
       inside my heart, tucked away
                 How will I,
                            How will I,
                                   How will I?

       Where can I know....that you have gone,
               How can I not feel your pain?
                        When will I stop hearing
                             the sound of your voice
       sadly calling out my name.
              How do I....
                         How do I,
                                  How do I?

When is there an end to this,
              When can I begin to love again,
                         Take all these chains from me
        or do I wait in vain.
              How am I,
                        How am I
                               How am I?

What Do You Think?      



Kay Ekwall ©1999





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