Going Through the Motions


One step in front of the other
I walk, so cautiously....
my mind never on what it
really should be.

I call upon old friends,
they're just the same
I flirt outrageously
playing that old game.

I past on a smile for them
is this one too loose,
this one too tight?
Tell me oh mirror
is this one just right?

And I go through the motions
of living without you.
Is this what life is all about
how can this be true?

Each morning I wake, your name
upon my lips,
each evening, my pillow
takes your place, and I slip
into restless sleep
knowing it can't hold me...
caress me or care
but then
you're not here.

So I go through the motions
of living each day without you,
and I wonder if you are doing the Sameā€¦.
wondering if I am doing it too.


Kay Ekwall©




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