Exquisite Torture


Deathly, white and cold,
this stone
hath no resemblance to you,
my love.
The angelic vision of you
which haunts my dreams,
drives me into this obsession,
my insanity,
to bring you into this existence,
into a world........a world
which can only engulf
your loveliness,
mar your perfection.

Sleep cometh to me not,
nor food can touch my lips
until the breath of life
infuses warmth,
rouge into sensuous lips,
lips I long to kiss.......arms
I long to hold.

Forgive me my Goddess..
as I caress....in tenderness,
smoothing away the harshness,
polishing your pearly mountains
into refinement and form,
your hair, cascading,
flowing down, ringlets
tendrils escaping
stoney confinements.

Eagerly, I await the day,
when the warmth of your skin
cometh not from the sun's
meager rays, but....
from your heart.
A blush to silken cheeks,
life to these limbs,
refinement and grace.

Here in our secret garden,
among the pillars of desire,
endlessly I toil,
until you emerge
from your cocoon,
released from this prison.
I hear your angelic voice,
begging freedom, and I.....
only an instrument to free you.

As the purple shadows deepen,
and light fails........
vague questions assail me,
for you will belong to the world,
I will be a memory in your past,
and I am saddened..
tempted to hold you for my own,
I know my torture will not end,
for I have to release you,
my Goddesss, my Venus
to your destiny.....


Kay Ekwall©1999



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