Crystal Kisses



Your crystal kisses tempt me...
open new facets of my heart
each mirroring one,
to the other,
....and back again.

Cool reflections take me deep,
so deep, that my soul
can’t see a beginning
nor an end
to you and me.

A mirage of images play across
a confusion of colors,
feelings, desires,
intermixing with icy remembrances
time, cast upon the waters.

Drifting, caught up in a prism
never ending..circles within circles
of and I,
sacred geometries, abstractions,

Spurious adventures intermingle
with docility and warmth
as the flower of life
plots our destiny...and unwillingly
we attend our birth.

From above we view our fossilized
romains, curiously
new forms, new personalities
we and you.

And then, it is time to begin
once more, the circle is unbroken
you step into my womb
and I crawl out of your skin
a we see the sum
of our totality, which is love.


Kay Ekwall ©




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