Aspirations of Love


        To become even more then we are,
               to depths from afar.

        This is our quest, fulfilling our soul,
              once apart, now we're whole.

        To see our beloved as best,
              only for us...forgetting the rest.

        To hold fragility in our hands,
             tenderly, caressingly grand.

         To bring ourselves as we can only be,
             hearts exposed, come naked are we.

         Chancing on catching the golden ring,
             a carousel of life, the love that we bring.

         To know the world can't understand,
             but contentment, we'll hold in our hands.

         For we aspired to the boldest and best,
             Quixotic, sword high, for we passed the test.

         And our reward, though nebulous and brief,
             Carved on our hearts, bas relief.


Kay Ekwall©



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