A Sonnet...for Maxfield


How our love doth inspire me
                            oh beauteous one!
At the sight of your fair face
                               my heart lifts
like a bird......taking to air.

The melody of your angelic voice
              heightens my senses
                        to delight and laughter,
adding dimension to my life.

Your sweet inspiration
            guides my hand, my imagination,
                        each stroke I bring to the canvas
each line is a caress......
                                    to your loveliness.

No poet am I, no words to stroke
            your ears of perfect form,
                  expounding on the virture of our love,
nor by pens, engraving tender protestations
            of what sorrow life would be
                                    without you....

My gift to you......is to immortalize you,
            your grace, form, in rainbow hues
                        vermillion, violets, golds and siennas
sending your image out into the ethers forever
                                    and my heart goeth with.

.........To you, my endless desire, my love.........


Kay Ekwall ©




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