A Magnificent Obsession

I gaze in amazement..
at our obsession,
one with the other
trancending all
known boundaries
for the stars.
What once passed
for fantasy,
for desire...
in a natural rhythm
of loving,
of giving
no expectations,
no understanding,
just acceptance.
I feel....
your feelings,
your heart beat
and yet
it is living in a dream
to unreal to be real
and yet..
I know it is
and I am at peace
in the knowing that
all is well.

Our lives, so different...
the same in our search
for oneness
which guides us, protects us
cocooning our sanctuary
as we transform
into the butterflies
that we are.
If you asked me....
would I change it?
I would say no....
Agape love is accepting
the inevitable destiny
of each step we must take,
for self-realization
and fulfillment
until that end
 blesses us.


Kay Ekwall ©




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