A Knights' Cause   

 On a pedestal
she stood,
as if.....
he'd carved her
out of wood.

Her perfection
was indeed,
a sight to behold
his position kneed.

Yet she mourned her lot
because he never saw
that she indeed did'st
have a flaw.

And in her pain,
her fear grew and grew,
would he still love her....
if he only knew.

He'd worshipped her so..
and called her his queen,
ignoring the flaw that
she'd always seen.

When the pain soared..
till she could
stand it no more,
she cried out,
leave me oh knight..
for I cannot be
the perfection that
you have wanted to see.

Look here in my heart,
it's not joyful and light,
my teeth must
come out at night.
The knight, shocked
to his very core,
gazed at his queen...
and said, nevermore.

Dear queen,
if you only knew...
that I have had
a deep secret too.
Nevermore will  I hold you
in such dreams of perfection,
for my full haired head
has suffered an insurrection.
Fear not, my dear queen..
step down from your throne,
together we'll walk
through our life - not alone.


Kay Ekwall©





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