75 Is Just Perfect!!!!!


         Stop, don't touch that dial,
75 is just perfect!
Not too cold,
not too hot,
Luke warm love
is what we've got.

Tepid water is what
I like best,
my life, my heart
and all the rest.

No real excitement is for me
I've a headache and
I'm missing my T.V.

     Oh watch them climb
that mountain top!
That funny game show host,
please make him stop!

Dam you my friend,
don't make me shine
Our lukewarm love
just suits me fine!
Don't make my heart
go pitter-pat
For hiding in my pocket
is where it’s at!

I can't venture out today
here in my house
I want to stay.

     The a/c s not working
in my car
Too hot for me to go
where you are!
Anyway, why should I try

when lukewarm love
can't make me sigh!

Your kisses......yawn!
does't  bore me so,
Into deeper emotions
I 'm afraid to go.
Yes the years are
bringing us pain
lukewarm love
just stays the same.

Perhaps in the future
we will stop and see
there could have been
more for you and me.
Until we have created a better way
our lukewarm love...
is here to stay!


Kay Ekwall©1999



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